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Video: Gustav-Figdor-Award by the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Political Elites in Austria  (FWF Project, P 31967, 2019 –)

The Austrian Science Fund supports from 2019 onwards my new research project: National and Regional Elites in Austrian Politics – Career Pathways and Personal Interlocks (1945-2018)

The project is concerned with the pathways to power in Austrian politics. Its aim is threefold:  First, creating a biographical database on about 3,000 leading politicians on the national and regional level in Austria since 1945. Second, applying two visualization techniques (sequence analysis, correspondence analysis) to ‘big data’ to figure out dominating patterns in career pathways as well as in the personal interlocks of power holders. Third, combining these ‘objective’ perspectives on powerholders with the ‘subjective’ perspectives of politicians on their careers.

Project-related publications:

Korom, Philipp. (2022). What Explains the Post-Quota Gender Gap in National Parliaments? On Gendered Career Opportunities in Multi-Level Austria (Version v1). Zenodo.

Korom, Philipp. (2022). New or old elites in politics? On change and stability in the career background of Austrian legislators, 1945-2019 (Version v2). Zenodo.

Korom, Philipp. (2022). Who runs Parliamentary Committees? Insights from the Austrian Case (Version v1). Zenodo.

Media reports:

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