presentations and talks (since 2014)

Sociology of Wealth Inequality | Co-Citation Analysis (© Ph. Korom)
  • 2022: What explains the post-quota gender gap in national parliaments?, Conference on Political Careers, University of Basel.
  • 2021: Explaining the Underrepresentation of Women in Parliament. An Investigation into the Career Sequence Networks of Austria´s Leading Parties (together with J. Pfeffer), PolNet Conference, APSA Political Networks Section.
  • 2021: Super-Eliten in der Soziologie (1970-2010). Über akademisches Prestige in einer multiparadigmatischen Disziplin, IZTW-Kolloquium, University of Wuppertal/Germany.
  • 2020: Wozu karrieresoziologische Untersuchungen?, IZTW-Kolloquium, University of Wuppertal/Germany.
  • 2020: Who are the double rich in Europe?, SASE annual meeting, Amsterdam/Netherlands. (online due to coronavirus)
  • 2020, invited: Talcott Parsons and Robert K. Merton: A bibliometric assessment of their impact, University of Innsbruck/Austria(cancelled due to coronavirus)
  • 2019, invited: Wieviel Macht haben Wissenschaftseliten? Eine explorative Analyse von Empfehlungsschreiben des Soziologen Robert K. Merton, University Wuppertal/IZWT, Germany.
  • 2019, invited: The Many Transformations of Austria Inc. (1937-2008). From Networked and Politicised to Post-Networked and Depoliticised?, IOS Annual Conference, Firms and Social Change in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Regensburg/Germany.
  • 2018: Akademische Eliten in der Soziologie. Eine Typenbildung anhand von Zitationen in 36 internationalen Fachzeitschriften, Workshop of the Theory Section of the Austrian Association for Sociology (ÖGS), Innsbruck/Austria
  • 2018: A Bibliometric Visualization of the Economics and Sociology of Wealth Inequality: A World Apart?, Congress of the American Sociological Association, Philadelphia/USA
  • 2018: The Academic Elite in Sociology: A Collective Biography of the Most Cited Scholars (1970-2010), Congress of the American Sociological Association, Philadelphia/USA
  • 2017: Die Verfallszeit soziologischer Ideen (What is the half-life of sociological literature?), Congress of the Austrian Sociological Association, Graz/Austria (together with Th. Klebel)
  • 2017: How vulnerable is the middle class? An analysis of wealth as a safety net for middle-income households in four European countries, Annual ESPAnet Conference, Lissabon/Portugal
  • 2016, invited: Wealth, Inheritance, and Social Mobility in Europe, Joint Workshop of Sciences Po/Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Paris/France
  • 2016: SSH (Social Science and Humanities) Scholars as Public Intellectuals, Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago/USA (together with Ch. Fleck, M. Duller, R. Schögler).
  • 2016: The Enduring Importance of Family Wealth: Evidence from the Forbes, Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Seattle/USA (together with J. Beckert, M. Lutter)
  • 2015: Staying Rich or Getting Richer? Inheritance and Private Wealth Accumulation in 11 European Countries, SASE Annual Conference, London/Great Britain
  • 2015: Forbes 400: Who Gets and Who Stays Super-Rich in the US, Joint Workshop of Sciences Po/Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne/Germany
  • 2014: Why is Austria Inc. still alive?, Conference on “The Power of Corporate Networks: A Comparative and Historical Perspective”, Lausanne/Switzerland
  • 2014: One or multiple ways to richness? The Determination of Household Wealth in Sixteen European Countries, MPIfG-Workshop “Sociology in Cologne”, Cologne/Germany
  • 2014: Die ungleiche Verteilung von Vermögen in Europa. Wie erklärungsstark ist der Einbettungsansatz?, Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Trier/Germany